UTMB Points

UTMB Qualifying Race

  • 100KM: 6 pts
  • 60KM: 4 pts
  • 36KM: 2 pts
  • 27KM: 2 pts
Details at UTMB Website

Returns on 4 - 6 May 2018
Lombok, Indonesia

100km / 60km / 36km / 27km
Reg opens on Oct 16th.
Rinjani 100 is an all new Rinjani Ultra. In addition to the classic route and famously brutal trail from Senaru to Segara Anak Lake before summitting majestic Rinjani, you will get to experience all new tracks cresting the many Sembalun hills, traversing ridges and valleys and the vast beautiful grassland, which merge together presenting breathtaking nature view that makes all the breathless steps worth it many times over..