April 25, 2018

Route Adjustment for 2018 Edition

Please refer to our GPX menu for the updated files and change information.
February 28, 2018

Medical Certificate Requirements

MEDICAL CERTIFICATE Medical Certificate is mandatory in 2018 Rinjani 100. Please download the template from our website: https://rinjani100.com/medcerts/ Email us the completed letter by 7 April 2018. SURAT KETERANGAN SEHAT Peserta Rinjani 100 2018 wajib mengirimkan surat keterangan sehat paling lambat 7 April 2018. Silakan download template nya di website kami: https://rinjani100.com/medcerts/
February 28, 2018

Transport Schedules

Transport options, schedules and booking can be checked via https://rinjani100.com/transport/, or click menu RACE INFO > TRANSPORT.
December 16, 2017

Category 100KM Re-evaluated to 6 ITRA/UTMB Points

We’re glad to announce that the 100KM category has been reevaluated to be worth 6 ITRA and UTMB points. This applies to both our 2017 and 2018 Edition! For more information, visit http://utmbmontblanc.com/en/page/17/Qualifying%20races%20-%20Regulations.html The points from Rinjani 100 races are now as follows: UTMB Qualifying Race 100KM: 6 pts 60KM: 4 pts 36KM: 2 pts 27KM: 2 pts