UPDATE on 25 April 2018

No Route CHANGE for 27KM and 36KM

Route CHANGE for 60KM and 100KM, the GPX files are slightly different from 2016 and 2017 Edition. To cater for the significant increase of starters, and for better amenities, the START in Senaru is moved further back, extending by about 850m. To compensate this extra distance, a short section near the end (at KM 57.5 for 60KM and 97.5 for 100KM) will be cut short. Please download the latest GPX below, as well as the diagram showing the difference.

If you downloaded the gpx files before 25 April 2018, please download the updated version below.

Version: 25 April 2018

2018 GPX: 100KM, 60KM, 36KM, and 27KM

2018 GPX ZIPPED: 100KM, 60KM, 36KM, and 27KM


  • GPS devices are sometimes not accurate, so please use these GPX files as GUIDANCE only. You will still need to watch out for markers on the route, and apply some common sense as well.
  • Due to various variables in GPS accuracy and methods of extrapolation, please kindly refrain from asking about the exact numbers